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The ultimate guide to playing the saxophone – for anyone from beginners to professionals.

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  • Endorsed by Jazz greats Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Mintzer, Bob Sheppard, George Garzone, Jamey Aebersold, David Berkman, Walt Weiskopf, Steve Wilson, etc.
  • Rooted in practical skills and going far beyond theory, The Jazz Saxophone Book will improve your ability to construct beautiful, flowing solo lines.
  • Videos – The book includes access to over 30 videos of the author demonstrating ideas in the book.
  • Transcriptions – Includes hundreds of examples of solo phrases by the masters of jazz saxophone.

For the beginning improviser, the book covers:

  • Creative ways to work on sound, time and building a jazz vocabulary
  • Connecting your soloing with your internal singing voice
  • Foundational jazz harmony – what you need to know!

For intermediate players, the book offers:

  • In-depth treatment of jazz harmony, with copious examples from the masters of the tradition
  • Ideas for becoming a musical storyteller
  • Skills needed to show up at a jam session and confidently perform a tune

For more advanced players, the book discusses:

  • Using advanced harmony to build and release tension
  • Taking jazz vocabulary, harmony and form into the realm of freedom
  • How to practice efficiently to become a well-rounded, continually improving soloist

Welcome to The Jazz Saxophone Book

Video 1: Frere Jacques

Video 2: Frere Jacques Different Keys

Video 3: Frere Jacques Variations

Video 4: Make the Piano Sing

Video 5: Long Tones Exercise

Video 6: The Overtone Series

Video 7: F and G Overtones

Video 8: C Major Scale Melodies

Video 9: Accented C Major Scale

Video 10: C Major Scale on a D-7 Chord

Video 11: Blowing Over II-V-I’s in All Twelve Keys

Video 12: Charlie Shoemake Play-Along

Video 13: Lydian and Ionian Modes Compared

Video 14: Major Scale Articulation Exercise

Video 15: Simple Piano Exercise

Video 16: Counting Off the Tune

Video 17: Setting Up the Time for the Band

Video 18: Searching for the Melody in Time

Video 19: Playing in Front and Behind the Time

Video 20: Playing Just the Melody for Multiple Choruses

Video 21: Playing a Known Phrase with Different Notes

Video 22: Question and Answer Phrases

Video 23: Feeling Your Way Through a Song in a Different Key

Video 24: Melodic Minor as a IV

Video 25: Question and Answer Phrases Over 16 Bars

Video 26: Rhythmic Melodies and Rhythmic Storytelling

Video 27: The Harmonic Minor Scale on a Dominant 7th Chord

Video 28: Short Stories

Video 29: The Inevitable Note

Video 30: Off the Deep End and Back

Video 31: Composing in Real Time

Video 32: Ask Your Fingers to Deliver the Melody in Your Mind

Video 33: Three Signposts in the Blues