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NYSQ/NYSQ + Big Band

NYSQ (New York Standards Quartet) has been creatively deconstructing the music of the great American songbook for 17 years. We – me, David Berkman on piano, Gene Jackson on Drums, and either Daiki Yasukagawa or Ugonna Okegwo on bass, have committed ourselves to doing what we grew up doing – playing on standards – in a way that has the adventurous spirit of our original music. Everyone contributes arrangements, and everyone shapes the arrangements brought in by others. It’s a truly collaborative band, and it shows in the way of playing together we’ve developed through experience on the bandstand. We’ve done 14 tours in Japan, 8 or 9 in the States, and have played in the UK, Spain, and Belgium so far. “Heaven Steps to Seven” is our 7th recording, and for the 8th, we are currently writing the arrangements for a project featuring a 16 piece big band, to be released in 2023. 



New album – Heaven Steps To Seven: